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"I'm not a politician. I'm a small-business owner here in Connecticut. And I've had enough of the circus in Washington. I'm angry with what career-politicians like Richard Blumenthal have done to our country."


"I'm running for U.S. Senate to stop legalized corruption and end the era of the career-politician. My focus is to do nothing short of restoring power back to the American people."

– Nick Connors    

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Meet Nick Connors

Small-Business Owner.  Deficit Hawk.  Not a Politician

Nick Connors is running for U.S. Senate for one reason: to fix America's broken political system.


Spending over a decade of his career working in Washington, Nick has seen how career-politicians, lobbyists, and billionaire mega-donors have systematically manipulated laws in America's political system for personal self-enrichment. Today, America's political system isn't set up to solve the problems of the American people, it's set up to reward political insiders.


What Americans 

Need to Know

For decades, career-politicians, lobbyists, and other Washington insiders have changed and manipulated laws in our political system for pure self-gain – to insulate their power and line their pockets with money. The side effect of this self-serving manipulation is the highly destructive governing environment we see today: hyper-partisanship and hyper-dysfunction.

We need term limits, a balanced budget amendment, and most importantly, we must regulate the crossroads between money and power to stop lobbyists from buying votes from members of congress. 

Nick Connors is running to correct the abuses that career-politicians like Richard Blumenthal have inflicted on our system.

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