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10 Point Plan: Fix America’s Broken Political System

End the era of the career-politician.

Stop legalized corruption.

Restore power back to the American people.

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Stop Vote Buying: Lifetime Ban
on Lobbying  for Former Members of Congress 


60% of Congress and staff transfer to lobbying after office. With an average pay increase of $2.4 million for elected members, what do you think is more likely: 1) your congressman is voting for your needs while in office or 2) he's voting for the needs of a future lobbying firm?

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Term Limits:
End the Era of the Career-Politician



Reduce the number of inflated egos, diminish animosity and feuding personalities, shrink the influence of lobbyist and mega-donor money, and instill new energy into governing.

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Stop Insider Trading: Place Investments into a Blind Trust


It’s not just about the corrupt practice of trading stocks on insider information, it’s about knowing how a new law will affect share price. Is your congressman voting for your interests or his stocks?

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Eliminate Shadow Lobbying: Close the loophole for Secret Lobbying Practices


Former congressmen are secretly lobbying former colleagues every day. The law allows serious lobbying efforts to be hidden. The loophole? Just spend roughly less than 35 hours each month.

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Unlimited Spending
is Corruption:
Pass a Balanced Budget Every Year


Unlimited spending means infinite special favors for lobbyists. Lobbyists return the favor with campaign donations and the wink of a lucrative job after Congress. With unlimited debt, taxes don’t need to go up and popular spending provisions don't need to be cut – voters are insulated from the corruption. America is headed for financial catastrophe because of Washington greed.

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Stop Legal Bribes: Prohibit
Post-Election Campaign Donations to Repay Loans


A candidate can loan their campaign $250,000. After the election, new “donations” can be solicited to repay the loan. Those “donations” go straight into the pocket of the congressman. Legal bribery for anyone (like lobbyists) with business in front of the office.

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End Legal Slush Funds: Congressional Leadership PACS are Corruption


The special sauce for these PACs? There are no restrictions on how donations can be used. NBA tickets? Limousines? Mistress? These PACs pay for it all – legally with campaign donations from special interest groups. And every member of Congress has one.

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Eliminate Dark Money: Report Donations of $250+ Immediately 


Some PACs delay disclosing donors for months. Others wait until after an election. Special interest groups and billionaires should not be able to hide their funding for dirty tricks and smear campaigns.

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Do Your Job: Prohibit Congress from Fundraising While in Session


Elected members spend up to 30 hours every week making fundraising calls while Congress is in session. 30 hours every week?!! That is madness. Is it any wonder nothing gets done in Washington?

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Stop Vote Buying: Prohibit Lobbyists from Federal Fundraising


If a lobbyist holds a fundraiser to raise $50,000 for an elected official and that lobbyist has a “friendly” chat with staff about an upcoming bill, then everyone knows the score. We must stop lobbyist from buying votes from members of Congress.

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"I use to work for career-politicians. I've seen how Washington insiders have manipulated our system of government to enrich themselves at the people's expense. I quit Washington five years ago because what I saw made me sick and it made me angry."

"Now I'm fighting back to fix America's broken political system."

– Nick Connors