What Americans 

Need to Know

– An Open Letter to My Fellow Americans –

Something is very wrong with our government. America is in a bad place. And it doesn't take a genius to see it – Washington is dominated by dysfunction, greed, circus, lies, and animosity.


The thing that Americans need to realize is that if things don't change, my kids, and your kids, and all our grandkids are not going to enjoy the same peace, liberty, and financial opportunities that all of us have experienced.


Small problems are getting bigger. Big problems are becoming too complex to adequately address.

None of this is sustainable. Disaster is looming.

And the reason we're in this miserable position is because career-politicians, their lobbyist allies, and other political insiders have changed and manipulated laws in our political system for pure self-gain – to insulate their power from competition and to line their pockets with money.


The side effect of this manipulation of law is the highly destructive governing environment we see today: hyper-partisanship and hyper-dysfunction.

If we want the American government to work for the people again, we must correct the abuses that career-politicians have inflicted upon our system.


We need term limits, a balanced budget amendment, and most importantly, we need to regulate the crossroads between money and power to stop lobbyists from buying votes from members of congress.


Fix the broken political system. That's my focus. That's my only focus.


And I have a plan to do it.

– Nick Connors