Meet Nick Connors

Nick Connors is a small-business owner, deficit hawk, and has never been a politician or run for political office.

Before starting his own communications business, Mr. Connors worked for more than a decade in Washington politics. His career includes the RNC, Lindsey Graham, Donald Trump’s Inauguration, two national security events, and five political campaigns – including two at the presidential level.

In 2017, Mr. Connors stopped working for Washington insiders like Lindsey Graham, and instead went to work for conservative independent candidates and political reform organizations.


One major factor for breaking with the elitists in Washington was his experience seeing how the U.S. political system has been manipulated by career-politicians and lobbyists to enrich themselves while marginalizing and ignoring the American people.

Because of these experiences, the central doctrine of Mr. Connors’ political conviction is that there is no greater need for America then fixing the broken political system.


Without correcting the abuses of career-politicians and ending the legalized corruption that is rampant in Washington, the United States will see slow continuous downfall – the dysfunction will continue and the exhausting antics will become more pronounced. All while America's problems get worse. 

Complimenting his political work, Mr. Connors has significant experience in financial communications and investor relations. He has helped take two companies through the IPO process and has provided counsel to Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies. His expertise includes crisis communications, quarterly earnings, and M&A communications. 


Mr. Connors lives in New Canaan, CT with his wife Lindsay and their young son. He holds a BA in political science from The George Washington University.