Welcome to Team Connors

If you've landed on this page, it means you understand the dire situation our country faces with a government mired in circus and dysfunction. 


If we are to have any hope of solving America's problems, we must first fix our broken political system. There is nothing more important then ending the era of the career-politician, stoping the legalized corruption, and restoring power back to the American people so government works for us again. 

You get that. And I am honored to welcome you to the team.

Thank you for your support and thank you for pledging your vote to me at the State Convention. Voting for Nick Connors at the State Convention means you are are voting to put fix America's broken political system on the August Primary Ballot. 

My personal cell number is: (203) 858–6955

I'm always interested in hearing feedback. And I like to be as accessible as possible with my supporters. Feel free to give me a call anytime.