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Nick Connors

Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate in CT

April 13, 2022

(2) Term limits of 12 years in the U.S. House and 12 years in the U.S. Senate, with no more than 18 years total years in the U.S. Congress.

Mitch McConnel has been in Congress for 37 years.  Nancy Pelosi 35 years.  Chuck Grassley 47 years.  Chuck Schumer 41 years.  Between state and federal office, Dick Blumenthal has been a politician for nearly 50 years.

Congress should not be a retirement community.  These men and women are addicted to power and attention.  They are addicted to being catered to by office and campaign staff.  They are bubbled-in, arrogant, and have an inflated idea of self-worth.

These are the Americans chiefly responsible for the disastrous governing environment we see today: hyper-dysfunction and hyper-partisanship.

We, the people, must act.  We must replace Blumenthal and send someone to Washington to make McConnell and Schumer uncomfortable.  We must send someone to Washington who will use their platform to pound the table daily to inform the American public about how deep the rot goes.

That’s my focus.

What all Americans need to understand is that for decades, career-politicians and their lobbyist allies have manipulated and changed laws in our political system for pure self-gain – to insulate their power from competition and to line their pockets with money.

The side effect of this manipulation is the circus and do-nothing federal government we have today.

Term limits would not only help to remove feuding personalities and instill new energy into policy making, but most importantly, term limits would diminish the influence of big money in politics and diminish the time that politicians spend cultivating relationships with mega donors.

If there is a firm end to service, staying in the good graces of lobbyists and special interest groups isn’t as important.

Working in tandem with banning lobbying jobs after Congress (Point #1), a finite number of years in Washington will serve as motivation to create a legacy of problem solving.

Ending the era of the career-politician is of the utmost importance.  Until that happens, we will never see pragmatic solutions to the problems America faces.  We will never see a southern border wall.  Citizens will continue to pay high costs for prescription drugs.  And Medicare and Social Security will become insolvent.

We must have term limits.

If you agree we need term limits for members of Congress, then send me an email and join my team.

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